Monday, October 6, 2008

Wild hair alert

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So I'm starting to take a look at who's visiting when, here at my little corner of the rabbit hole.

This past Wednesday, there was a spike. Perhaps not coincidentally, it was on a day that I posted about a wayward daughter of a Muslim cleric who had decided to become an exotic dancer.

And I say to myself: Cool!

Here is a chance to expose Muslim hypocrisy about human sexuality, and at the same time give the guys who pop by here a little bit of cheesecake. What's not to like!

So, in that spirit -- and what may become a regular feature -- here's your Muslima cheesecake of the day :) -- I give you Miss Pakistan from, I'm not sure what year. Whatever. She's Miss Pakistan, from some beauty pageant, she's Muslim, and she's probably pissing someone off majorly.

Rock on :)

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