Friday, October 17, 2008

Air today, gone tomorrow

"Flown recently? Quite a joy, isn't it?" sez Walker.

(Mmmmmm. He feels just like THESE happy people. Only he's Canadian, therefore a lot more courteous.)

"(A)fter I've paid an extortionate price for my ticket, I can expect to have a nice, safe ride, right?

"Well, not if I'm flying Jazz. The Air Canada subsidiary has made the brilliant decision to remove inflatable life vests from its airplanes, in order to reduce weight, and save on fuel. Apparently, Da Rules say that only one means of flotation is required on an airplane, and since even Air Canada isn't going to remove the seat cushions from their planes, it's the vests that've gotta go.

"Oh, but not for babies, who will still have life vests available to them. I guess the little tykes can't be depended upon to remove their seat cushions in order to float around the Atlantic ocean for several days."

And the insanity marches on.

As I told the Walk-Man, I haven't flown since 1991. And am I glad.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

I'd say there's a lot to be said about bus travel except...well...what with recent beheadings and all.

Over-all, I'd say the most comfortable option is to just drive everywhere you're going. Or be driven.


Eowyn said...

Have your chauffeur swing down a couple of thousand miles and pick me up for work, then, okay? ;)