Sunday, October 19, 2008

Muslim Babes Of The Day

Well, that's what this post started out as.

What it wound UP as, is, my monster crush on Australian guys. (And pretty much Australia in general.) Makes perfect sense!

(Train-of-thought thing. That is, sexuality, culture, you know.)

The immediate impression most people have when thinking of "Australian guys" is lifeguard hunks on the beach:

But when I think of guys on the beach, I think of the actual GUYS on the beach. Here is a team that received an award for their skill in saving actual lives, and they are far more hunky in their real personae than in their Speedos:

But it comes down to the ordinary Ozzie guy, who, let's face it, enjoys a sip or two of a fermented beverage:

I even have crushes on scientist-types. Yes! Taking humanity forward is hugely attractive, and Oz scientists have attractiveness in the bag:

But when all's said and done, what's best about Australian guys is this: They are attractive to many of us women because A) They never lose their sense of humor; B) Because of A, they look 10 times better already; C) They're tough; D) Because they're tough, and funny, they're 20 TIMES more attractive to women; E) They are very basic, and they force us women to be tough, funny, upbeat, etc. to come up to the level of having a @#$% BALL with life the way they do.

What's not to like? ;)

("Spotlight on Oz" is coming. But, since it is multi-layered, requiring a lot more than just a couple of hours, it will take some time, because, well, it just will. Stay tuned.)

Finally ...

Here are the guys who are most attractive, Australia-wise. Look at them. They know what they have to do. They have already seen their buddies die. They go on.

What makes them different from anyone else? That unique Australian je ne sais quoi; they're like smart draft horses with a sense of humor -- fundamentally clean in how they view life, strong, enduring, quirky -- just a joy.

Perhaps Oz Girls might take exception to my worship of their guys. Fair enough. Guys are guys, whether from Oz or wherever *slapping hands!*

But, well, I have an abiding love for Australians, and that means you girls, too. And I think you know what I mean. I love your guys every bit as much as you do.


Okay, back to the topic at hand. Muslim Babes of the Day.

Here you go. Not responsible for spontaneous er, expressions of joy!


Anonymous said...

This one really didn't work for me, I gotta be honest with you.

Eowyn said...

Alas. Our be-burka'ed ladies just don't seem to have the same cachet as, say, Miss Pakistan.

(And that was the point of that particular dig -- women should be free to be appreciated for their appearance, within public decency standards. Not wrapped in a tarp!)

I promise I'll post some more, er, visually esthetic photos in days to come :)