Saturday, January 12, 2008

Infinite connection

Here is a dream I had last night.

I invented a way for people to save their memories in a holographic format.

You transfer your memories into a binary code, and it manifests as part of a multilayered holographic square. This square floats, moored in the air only by your desire that it stay where you want it.

This is as good a representation of the memory square as I could find:

Layers, you see -- earliest memories on the bottom, newest on the top.

(What's REALLY neat is that you navigate between the squares on a kind of flying ATV!)

I then discovered a way for people to network their individual memories with each other. And then I discovered how to fix memories, using the network.

Not change them -- FIX them, so they are accurate.

Let's say you remember your fourth birthday party, when little Johnny smashed your cake into smithereens. He did it on purpose, you remember.

Well, if you network Johnny's own memories of that event, you discover he was tripped, and fell on your cake by accident.

Think of how many wrong assumptions we make based on our faulty "memories." And imagine the chance to get them right.


I believe the closer we get to 2012 the more opportunities we're being given to dream, imagine or otherwise see where we've sleepwalked all this time, and how to be more aware and spiritual.

I've never dreamed like this -- until now.