Saturday, October 11, 2008

Help the CIC appeal!

Ha ha! Mark Steyn delivers yet another awesome left hook:

"I sympathize with the Canadian Islamic Congress, whose mouthpiece feels that, if the British Columbia pseudo-judges had applied the logic of previous decisions, we'd have been found guilty. He's right: Under the ludicrous British Columbia "Human Rights" Code, we are guilty. Which is why the Canadian Islamic Congress should appeal, and why I offered on the radio an hour ago to chip in a thousand bucks towards their costs."

We might be in tight financial times, but I would GLADLY donate to this cause.


UPDATE: Another fighter has emerged -- under the radar, up till now:

"While others sink under the firepower of Canada’s 'human rights' machine, a British Columbia businesswoman stands directly in front of it and, like John Paul Jones, declares she has not yet begun to fight.

“'Now that my four children are all grown up, and three of them are married, I can really get down to business,' Kari Simpson told Chalcedon.

"She’s been fighting her battle for eleven years, so far; and now she’s ready to go on the offensive.

"Mrs. Simpson’s plan is simple — and audacious. She plans to file a human rights complaint against the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal."

(emphasis mine)

I wish I could contribute to her cause as well. Never give in!

(Via The Blog of Walker)

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