Thursday, October 23, 2008

'do kangaroos have hair or fur? '

An interesting question, especially for my Canadian friends in this climate of "Human Rights" Commission hoo-ha!

That question was, in fact, used as a keyword search during which some (unfortunate) reader found my blog. I discovered this through Google Analytics, a free search engine optimization tool.

(Shameless plug: My company, which shall remain nameless, offers a MONDO service to get you more noticed online than these er, shall we say, rather limited services. But I digress.)

It's interesting to find out how people find you in your lonely outpost in Internet Siberia. Google Analytics tells me that someone was looking up anatomical facts on kangaroos and found my "Kangaroos have kaved" post. Cool!

Now, here's the thing. Some of these keywords and phrases people are using to find me are just downright awesome.

A sampling:

"tyson bonkers star"

"a star that means a guy"

"blog beautiful shooting star" (awww ... :)

"feet pantyhose niqab" (uhhhhh ....)

"marvin gaye national anthem pajamas"

"my skin is brown in french"

"picture of a lonely dog in the wilderness" (this one sounds like a Robert Frost poem!)

"sarah palin shooting bullwinkle" (Not BULLWINKLE ... ?!?)

"what happens when a muslim sees a shooting star" (I dunno ... what?)

"woman being depants" (As a woman who has occasionally uh, depants herself, I can relate. However ... if you're wondering if I'm in the STATE of "being depants," that's another ball game. Either way, I'm not "depantsed." Sorry ...)

... and, finally,

"zombie homer iliad"

(You're expecting, maybe, an army of long-dead Homer fans to rise up and rid the world of non-metaphor-recognizing stupidity? Hey! I'm there!)


DISCLAIMER: You have just wasted an otherwise profitable hour pondering useless trivia.

Have a nice day!

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