Friday, October 10, 2008

Flash! Kangaroos have kaved

(image credit: Free Mark Steyn)

Via Blazing Cat Fur -- The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal dismissed the case against Maclean's magazine and Mark Steyn. (Check out the comments! ;)

Damn. No appeal to a higher court, thus no avenue for attack on the whole stupid "human rights" system. Well, if the kangaroos think they've weaseled out of the anti-HRT spotlight, they've got another think coming.

Here's Andrew Coyne in Maclean's: "(B)ut be clear on this: it is no victory to be told by a shadowy government agency that you will be permitted to publish. This ruling only preserves the tribunal from utterly discrediting itself, and as such keeps alive the possibility that some other complainant can drag Maclean’s or any other media organization through yet another travesty half-a-continent away, at great expense of time and money."

Check out what Steyn himself had to say about Their Marsupial Majesties. Plus -- a chance to buy Kathy Shaidle and Pete Vere's new book "The Tyranny of Nice" in tandem with "America Alone."

Will probably update this post. Been waiting forever for this "verdict," and there's so much to say about it.


UPDATE: The Walk-Man tells me I'm mentioned at Mark Steyn's site! Sure enough, I'm in the "A Joke Decision" post. It's a great honor -- especially as the others listed with me are titans, whereas I'm a neophyte. However, I'll keep trying to do my best to keep up the fight against the Kangarooz right alongside all y'all.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Well the HRC's are in retreat but not yet defeated.

Colonel Neville said...

Dear Eowyn, I hope you and the dolphin are well.

It's nice to see Steyn back. I thought Mark, Michelle Malkin & others would be interested in Bill Ayers happy mutual agreement interview at one Revolutionary Communist Party website circa 2006. It's a hoot.

I wrote to 'em and got a reply...from one er, Reggie Dylan! No, really.

Funny how one can hang out and associate uncritically with such people until noted, or even support and agree with Marxist murder based ideology and not have it effect you at all career wise, or anyway really. In fact, you can get tenured or nominated...

Imagine the uproar if a Republican political career launcher frequented and believed entirely in Nazism?

Here 'tis. Pass it on to Steyn & Malkin etc? Seems of interest to me.

All the best kid, Colonel Neville.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey, guess who got herself mentioned on Mark Steyn's website?

Eowyn said...

BCF, you're right -- the fight is definitely NOT over.

My dear Colonel, lovely to see YOU again, and happy to report we're swimming happily here :) Wow -- since reading just ONE of your posts is like delving into a great novel, you've given me a veritable library! Shall do my best to read all in less than a week :)

Walk-Man -- Just, wow!!! How in the world did Mr. Steyn stumble over ME, when there's so many others posting much more (and better)?! *scratching head* *and grinning*

Anonymous said...

I dunno. Maybe he saw you on Free Mark Steyn?

Either way I suppose, congrats!


Eowyn said...

Aw, shucks ... thanks :)

Anonymous said...

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