Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spotlight on ... Colombia!

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~waving to friends in Bogota!~ :)

Okay, here's the perception of Colombia in the U.S. consciousness.

You're both a partner in the "war on drugs" and a "potential asset" in geopolitics.

(That is, if ANY American even knows who you are.)

You're the star of movies. Colombian Drug Lords! Instant Villains!


To me, you are healthy forests, ancient culture and wisdom, modern Colombians surfing modern curls the best they know how. I don't give a fig about whatever gangsters might be trying to hijack you right now. I know you are more than your gangsters.

You are your families, yesterday, today, and forever. This is a golden coin. You are so, very, much, more than your reputation.

I spent most of my young childhood in the Republic of Panama (your turn is coming, my compadres!) -- so I know.

Keep to the path, my friends. Though the "Yanqui" may, in fact, be a villain in many senses, there are many "Yanquis" ready to accept you for YOURSELF.

What a beautiful, growing, group of people.

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