Monday, October 20, 2008

Pay no attention to that babe behind the burqa

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My shameless dig at many Muslims' medieval mindset regarding women in the previous post probably left you guys kind of cold -- so, as penance, I hereby furnish you with a PROPER Muslim babe. I'm sure she's a wonderful woman, as you medieval-minded WOULD PROBABLY FIND OUT if you didn't force her into a body bag!

In all seriousness: Let's appreciate the human form. It excites feelings in us for a reason -- that is, it urges us to explore further, into the person (or gender-nation-specific, in my case) that inhabits the body.

THAT IS WHAT BEING HUMAN IS ALL ABOUT. (Please write this on a sticky note, and attach it to your forehead.)

//lecture off

(How 'bout that Xena Warrior Princess outfit!)

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