Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spotlight: New Zealand!

So, I've got this cool thing called Google Analytics. The little site meter I have on here tells me how many people visit, and whether they're "unique" (aren't we all!) or referred, or whatever. But Google Analytics tells me WHERE Y'ALL COME FROM. And I think that's neat :)

I've had two visitors from Auckland, NZ, and one from Wellington. ~Waving~ :)

So, I thought I'd take some of the countries from whom I'd had visitors and put 'em in the spotlight.

Take a bow, beautiful New Zealand!

What is NOT to like about this country? (Except for the regrettable drain on its economy from adherence to the equally regrettable Kyoto Protocol)

The whole of it is straight out of a postcard -- the very nicest looking postcard you've ever received in your life. And the kicker is, you know -- you just KNOW -- that the real New Zealand is a thousand times more beautiful than any picture ever could be.

New Zealanders? I've spoken with a number of them, as a part of my job. Kind and friendly? Check. Humorous? Check. Laid back? Double-check. I'm sure there are angry and unpleasant New Zealanders somewhere. Perhaps all three of them will comment here ;)

I still haven't quite discerned the nuances between NZ accents and Australian -- and, believe it or not, to a certain extent, South African --

But, frankly, in another reality, I'd move there in a heartbeat.

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