Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let's go to Israel

A co-worker of mine turns out to be a Baptist minister. What's more, he has visited Israel many times, taking tours there. (The theme is to visit places Jesus, or other Biblical figures, were actually at.) By virtue of his non-profit status, he is able to organize vacation tours there at a very good cost.

Me, I've always wanted to visit the Holy Land.


He's organizing a tour that takes 10 days starting Feb. 23 to March 3.

Here's the breakdown:

For about $2,000, you get 10 days of pretty much all expenses paid (hotel, food, guide) --

If this is the experience you have wanted all your life, (as has been mine), it is astonishingly cheap.

Okay, so it's a church theme. My friend is a Baptist minister, so the theme is the actual places Jesus visited while He was here.

Me, it's about connecting the history dots -- AND connecting with my own history as a card-holder on planet Earth. Either-or -- this is something I won't forget, for as cheap as I'll ever find it.

Contact me if you're interested.

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