Wednesday, October 29, 2008

'pumpkin pie zen'

(image credit: Karmasurfer)

Karmasurfer made a pumpkin pie from scratch. (Boy, was it good!)

It was a joyful effort from beginning to delicious end. He sez:

"I suppose it would have been much easier to buy a can of pumpkin stuff, add the spices, and dump it all in a pre-made crust but that wasn't my intention. If I wanted to do it the easiest way possible I'd just buy the damn pie from a place that makes them by the hundreds, but this was supposed to be a zen exercise, not an attempt to acquire a pie. ...

"I didn't build a pie for profit, or to win a prize at the county fair, or because I was hungry. I made it because I wanted to. ...

"If we all did our mundane chores with joy would life taste better?"

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