Thursday, October 23, 2008

The real Obama


Colonel Neville said...

Dear sporty, Factcheck eh? Very Marxist innit? Like Ministry of Truth or "Peace Studies". The only people more venal and with a bigger trail of fraud subterfuge and criminal pals than Obama and his inverted wife, are gee, most of Obama's associates, pals & supporters.

it's a funny old world, Eowyn. Obama loves Khalidi the PLO pressman. Obama throws Khalidi a lavish farewell dinner. Rezko gets a house wholesale for Obama, but no goodbye to Sing Sing dinner for Rezko. Double booked? Bill Ayers bombs judges house with kids sleeping. Ayers Weathermen/BLA murder two Brinks guards & two Policemen, one being Black. Ayers launches Obama in his loungeroom. MSM mostly ignores all, and lies, and covers, and spins for Borat Oblong & subject changes to messenger ad hominem. Obama no more black than white is black "hero".

It's like when I was a Leftish teenager. Even though I wanted to believe, it was an impossible headache to follow the contridictions and zero logic.

All the best from Neville.

Eowyn said...

It's a funny old world indeed, my dear Colonel.

McCain may be a bit of a loose cannon -- but he has a set of values, unlike his opponent and a good bit of the American public.

Leftists are either too idealistic (in the best case) or too radical (in the worst). Either way, they're dangerous -- first, because they exploit legitimate human-wide desires, and second, because they're voted in because of it. And then they make a mess of things (Johnson, Carter). The only time they don't go down in ignominy (Kennedy, Clinton) is because a strong Republican contingent in the Congress keeps any egregious, social-engineering, totalitarian attempts at bay.

This time around, conservatives are in a strange kind of insecurity warp. I like to think they're evolving toward correctness -- but they seem to have lost their way, for now. And, most assuredly, the Obama supporters will exploit that.

Ah, well. Que sera, sera. You and I can keep our lonely candles lit, and, one day, we'll walk in the sun :)