Friday, October 3, 2008

What's wrong with conservatives today

Via The Blog of Walker:

"(I) know that I'm not the only one who's unhappy with the Conservatives right now.
And hey, maybe it's all meant to be for the greater good. After all, the Conservatives can do more good behind the wheel than when they're riding shotgun.

"They can reform Canada's out of control Human Rights Commissions. They can make sure that the Liberals' Green Shift nonsense doesn't have a chance to do the damage that it could.

"But quite frankly, they better deliver. Because I can't take much more backing down from Conservative values."



Plenty of discontent with our own homegrown versions to the south.

I allude specifically to the recent fraud, er, financial bailout. It wasn't the market itself that caused the crisis, as our Democratic friends are busy trying (increasingly successfully, sadly) to convince Americans. It was GREED.

Having said that, though, Republicans have done little, if anything, to rebut that. Another New Deal-type situation -- where none is needed -- is not only wrong, but dangerous. Don't they see the iron fist of Big Brother behind it all? Evidently not. Or they don't care. Or they're in league.

It's a trifecta of bad news for their constituents, and their voters.

"I can't take much more backing down from Conservative values."

Me neither, Walk-Man.


Walker Morrow said...

Thanks for the link!

Yes, I'm finding that more and more my support for the Conservative party is becoming mercenary. Because ultimately, they're the best shot. They're the only ones who even have a chance of reforming the HRC's, and keeping Canada at least marginally contained.

But at the same time, my moral support for them is going more and more the way of the dodo.

Colone Neville said...

Dear Walker, ya right about the right and the Conservative. I'm a Conservative and I see how Conservatives are not [yet] off the cliff with Leftardism, BUT they are often not good enough, and today, almost never individually.

It is as they say, eternally frustrating. Imagine the strength of spine, concentration, clarity and courage to go against the trend to be well, way too much like one's fashionable opponents?

It's not human nature, generally...

Colonel Neville.