Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quite possibly, the 2nd best cartoon ever


Charles Henry said...

Good taste in cartoons!

Tom and Jerry are my favorite old cartoons. Youtube removed this one before I could watch it, but from the "cover" image I'm going to guess it was "Cat Concerto", with concert musician Tom playing the piano despite Jerry's interference from within the piano itself.

My favorite is "Mouse In Manhatten", one of the most beautiful cartoons Hollywood ever made, where Jerry goes to the big city and it turns out to be more humbling than he bargained for. Do you know that one..? It's a bit different from their usual pictures, and not to everyone's taste.

If you're interested, I wrote a little tribute to Tom and Jerry co-creator Joe Barbera, when he passed away a couple of years ago. I was a little ticked at what I was reading from online obituaries, so I made one of my own that I thought gave the other side to his story:

Eowyn said...

Actually, it's "Saturday Evening Puss," where Tom throws a party as soon as the maid leaves the house.

I'm sorry it didn't play for you -- worked okay for me, so perhaps there's just a glitch somewhere.

I, too, love "Mouse in Manhattan" :)

That was a wonderful tribute you wrote, about a fine man and a great artist. Yes, I consider him such.

I liked what truepeers had to say afterward -- "the practice we are today interested in is less the means by which a solitary genius speaks his revelation, as the means by which skilled and dedicated people can come together and make things happen in a way no single genius could."