Monday, July 21, 2008

'Australians overwhelmed'

Tim Blair:

"The Age‘s Michelle Grattan:

"Australians overwhelmingly say they are willing to pay more for goods and services to help reduce emissions, in an Age/Nielsen poll that also shows [Prime Minister] Kevin Rudd has popular support for how he is handling climate change.

"The national poll of 1400 found 68% willing to bear extra costs to deal with climate change ..."

"Yet ...

"Pollster John Stirton said while the results suggested clear support for the Government’s climate policy, people wanted federal intervention on petrol prices and were dissatisfied with Mr. Rudd’s handling of that issue .."

"Australians are willing to pay for climate change ... but they also want cheaper petrol. Interesting. Grattan declines to include any figures on the latter, so we turn to her fellow Fairfaxer Phil Coorey in the SMH:

"Last month’s poll showed 78 per cent wanted the Government to intervene over petrol prices and Mr. Stirton said this gave 'food for thought about the real depth of support for a tough policy on climate change'.

"So 68 per cent are prepared to pay more — but 78 per cent want to pay less. Which number is more 'overwhelming'?

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