Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Muslims, beware the killer kangaroos

Jonathan Kay:

"Human rights mandarins haven’t gone after mosques and mullahs — yet. But that will change once Muslims have exhausted their usefulness as front men in the battle against Christians and conservatives. If Leviticus is now hate speech, how long before the Koran gets the same treatment?"

Read the whole excellent speech, given before a panel discussion at Toronto’s Noor Centre — a cultural organization for liberal Muslims — on the question of whether the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) is justified in bringing human-rights complaints against Maclean’s magazine for publishing Mark Steyn’s "The Future Belongs To Islam."

I liked what commenter Jacques3 said:

"The problem is that mouthy minority, the aggressive haters, the intolerant subset, who have given a black eye to an entire group by pretending to represent them.

"But to pretend this is just an "optics" problem that should be ignored by the larger community in the hope that it will go away would be to ignore what has happened elsewhere. Muslims who care about their community's future in Canada need to take charge, and stop having the wrong people speak on their behalf."

(once again, bloggy goodness from BCF)

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