Friday, July 25, 2008

No. NOT Bletchley Park.

"A call to save Bletchley Park has gone out from the UK's computer scientists.

"More than 100 academics have signed a letter to The Times saying the code-cracking centre and crucible of the UK computer industry deserves better."

(via The Anger of a Quiet Man)


Okay. Not a lot of people may be aware of it, but Bletchley Park pretty much won World War II. Britain rounded up a bunch of math professors, puzzle enthusiasts, people who liked numbers in general, and this bunch solved the Germans' formidable Enigma Code.

So it might be esoteric history. But it turned the tide of the war.

Now Bletchley Park is being consigned to oblivion.

We can put stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but we can't preserve world-changing history?

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Anonymous said...

We seem to like reform. Whether or not what he have right now is good or bad seems to be irrelevant sometimes, just as long as the change occurs.

Eowyn said...

Yep. And when change comes, and it's not to the changers' liking, they're the first to scream about it, and the loudest.