Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In the shadow of Spock

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Adam Nimoy, son of you-guessed-him, has written an "anti-memoir" about his turbulent life as both the son of an icon and a recovering drug abuser. describes his new book thusly:

"Last week, Adam Nimoy woke up in his beautiful house with his wife and kids in West Los Angeles. Today, he's waking up in a sleeping bag on an air mattress in a two-bedroom apartment with no furniture thinking, "How the hell did I get here?"

"A thirty-year battle with drug addiction, three career changes, one divorce, a major mid-life crisis, and countless AA meetings later, he tells his cautionary -- and very funny -- tale."


Being as I'm a big Star Trek fan, and a Mr. Spock fan in particular, I'm probably going to order this one, as soon as possible. I remain fascinated by the cast and their lives post-Trek, including their children.

When I was an undergraduate student at the University of New Mexico, Nimoy père visited for a speaking engagement. Expecting juicy sneak peeks behind the scenes of the show's production, we were instead treated to some (really not very good) poetry readings. I forgave him, though, because I can never forget his flawless portrayal of the truly unique Mr. Spock.

My very favorite episode of Star Trek is also my favorite Spock episode -- "Mirror, Mirror."

This was Spock beyond Spock. Spock as Machiavelli's prince. Spock as a master of logic in service to no one but himself. Awesome.

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I wish Nimoy fils all the best, and applaud his courageous success in the battle against demons. I like to think his dad's alter ego perhaps helps him sort out the insane from the mundane when it all seems to get too buggy. In short, I hope he really does live long and prosper. May we all.


Frederick said...

Good photo there! Not Adam Nimoy as labled, though, that's Zachary Quinto who is playing Spock in the new Trek movie.

They do both resemble Nimoy, though...

Eowyn said...

Ah ... thanks for the correx.

Astonishing how the actor resembles Leonard Nimoy more than his own son!