Friday, July 25, 2008

'Not bloody likely.'

Yikes -- take a couple of days off from blogging, and look what happens. Ezra Levant's been slapped with yet another lawsuit threat, this time from "serene" CHRC staffer Giacomo Vigna:

"It's a strategy. It's called "lawfare", and it's an attempt to smother me under so many hassles and costs that I abandon my criticism of Canada's HRCs and their abuse of real human rights, like freedom of speech.

"They're not even subtle about it. Warman calls his strategy "maximum disruption". He boasts he files legal actions against his enemies just to cause them a hassle. Kinsella calls it “Kicking Ass”. Now you'll understand why I'm putting "human rights" in quotation marks when talking about them.

"Instead of rebutting my criticisms, these folks think that if they just throw enough nuisance suits at me I'll pack up and leave.

"Not bloody likely.

"And not as long as I have the support of the blogosphere to cover my legal fees. I know that support frustrates my antagonists. See, this is the part in their fantasy where I'm supposed to crumple under the weight of their lawsuits, and beg for their forgiveness -- like so many of their previous targets have done."


It's the HRCs and their thugs who are going to say Uncle, not Ezra. But remember, we're part of the blogosphere. We need to step in and help our brethren, no matter how long and tedious the fight may seem. In fact, the longer and more tedious, the more expensive.

He's posted an address to send donations non-PayPal, if preferred. So do consider lending a hand.

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