Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big changes happening soon

This post started out as a response, in cmments, at Covenant Zone.

Now it has turned into what we are facing, real soon. So, I copy/paste it here, and leave it to you.

"truepeers --

We who wage war against the irrationality of assaults on free speech grow weary, often, at constantly facing the same assaults, time after time. (Even though we will NEVER stop fighting. But still.)

I'm wondering something.

Here is where the bullet is meeting the bone, thinks me:

“Sheikh Ghasem Al-Mazrooee , Kenyan Mufti and chief justice, in an interview with IQNA conducted at the sidelines of the 21st international conference on Islamic Unity said that CONSTANT BARRAGE of insults by western media and politicians against the SANCTITIES OF ISLAM indicate serious intentions of enemies of Islam to UNDERMINE THE PILLARS AND PRINCIPLES OF ISLAM, therefore Muslims' response should be SERIOUS AND STRONG.

(emphasis mine.)

For our Sheikh’s benefit, let’s take this point by point.

“constant barrage” of insults

Read: “Constant barrage” of QUESTIONS. Namely, people only want to ask questions, and have them answered. You know … reality-wise. You DO live in the real world … right?

“Sanctities of Islam”

What’s a “sanctity?” Everything is open to question. Sorry, pal. This is 2008.

“Undermine the pillars and principles of Islam”

Your PROOF, that that is what is actually taking place? How? When? Why? And how does this impact humanity?

Muslims’ response should be “SERIOUS AND STRONG.”

Are you advocating suicide bombers as a response, then? Hmm?

Aristotle proves these idiots are, in fact, idiots.

Okay, so we’ve got to prove ourselves afresh, every day, with every assault. It does grow tiresome. And, as life devolves to the point that we are faced with making sure we EAT every day, there are certain things we must keep in mind.


(you really should have a stockpile of food. Ditto access to water. Trust me. You’ll need it.)


KT said...


I see things much like truepeers as stated and I quote.

Yes, I think we are undergoing a paradigm shift. And yes many people just don't have a clue what the world is going to look like and will have to be dragged kicking and screaming.

How ugly will it get? That all depends on how much reality we can draw attention to and get people to love and defend and renew, before any more brutal realities of conflict are brought to bear.

I am actually optimistic; I have faith in our freedom and in what we cannot know until it happens. Will we in North America need huge stockpiles of food and water? I doubt it. We have the means to create so much that it will take more than a little insanity to erode our capacity to the point of starvation. We will learn lessons before it gets to that, at least for most of us. In other lands, they are far more dependent on others, i.e. on our economy. But if we do need stockpiles, you're going to have to have a way of defending them! So, let's start by talking to our neighbors.


I have FAITH.

Eowyn said...

Nice breath of fresh air -- and a nice way of putting things in perspective :)

All too easy for some of us to take the scared route on reflex -- as a Crab, I tend to live by the "better safe than sorry" motto.

But the point is, life is good, and we must never forget that, in the scheme of things.

Thanks for the (much-needed) reminder :)

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see just how pervasive memory has become in our every day lives. It's like everywhere I turn, I see something with a card slot or USB port . I guess it makes sense though, considering how inexpensive memory has become lately...

Gahhhhh... who am I to complain. I can't get through a single day without my R4 / R4i!

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