Friday, December 12, 2008

You knew it had to happen

Carols are deemed "too religious" for Christmas.

Right Wing News sez:

"After Christ has been hollowed out of Christmas, moonbats will move on to other holidays. In the USA, we can expect to have the Thanks taken out of Thanksgiving, since there is no one to be thankful to, unless you're politically incorrect enough to believe in God. Presidents Day will be renamed Barack Obama Day, because it would be insensitive to honor dead white men. All that red, white, and blue jingoism will have to be purged from the Fourth of July, but we'll still have the barbeques, so long as they're vegetarian — unless of course barbeques are found to cause global warming."

Jeeze-all-freakin'-mickey. Too right.

(Via Free Canuckistan!)

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