Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pleasant and Unpleasant Quebecois

This is an add-on to my previous post.


Here's my experience with pleasant Quebecois:

As a function of my job, I encounter Quebecois who need things done and, thus far, have experienced very few problems. We interact, we appreciate each other, we solve problems.

Here's my experience with unpleasant Quebecois: (sadly, the majority) --

1) I am treated with suspicion, scorn, and derision. (I'm American, and it has been made abundantly clear to me that THAT is my sin. I do NOT know what I am talking about, and if I do NOT solve the immediate problem, it's because I am an Uncouth American.)

2) The assumption is that it is MY responsibility that the Quebecois with whom I deal cannot achieve resolution of their problems.

(Regardless of the fact that I, personally, CANNOT solve their problem. Problem-solving tends to encompass other people.)


Okay. Is this a French thing?

(versus a logic thing .... alas, Aristotle ....)

I do NOT!!! .... WANT!!! ... to have to accommodate someone else's way of thinking. What I want to do is GET THE JOB DONE.

So, why do I have to accommodate "touchy" "French" feelings about how I can get someone's website to resolve? (my immediate job)


Just asking.

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