Thursday, December 18, 2008

Muslim Babe Of The Day

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Presenting ... Miss Indonesia! (of 2006)


"A militant Islamic group has filed a police report against Indonesia's Miss Universe candidate, accusing her of indecency.

"Nadine Chandrawinata's participation in the contest and display of her body in a swimsuit 'is actually insulting for Indonesian dignity and women', Islamic Defenders Front lawyer Sugito said[.]"


Let's just check our premises, here.

1) All women are beautiful -- some more than others. That's why guys want them, correct?

2) Women are beautiful for more than how they look -- they're also and especially BEAUTIFUL (write this down) for WHAT THEY CONTRIBUTE to human progression. Yes? (Children? Sympathy? Understanding? Willingness to be a partner, if you're willing too? You get the idea.)

3) Everyone, man or woman, likes to look at a beautiful person because we have a love of beauty of ALL things -- human beings included -- in our souls. Yes?

4) Given that it's natural we love beauty -- indeed, given that God has given us beauty to enjoy --



Anonymous said...

I think the pursuit of beauty sort of appeals to the artistic part of us, because art is about perfection, and beauty is a kind of perfection.

To be against showing beauty is against perfection and art - not helpful to the general society whatsoever.

Eowyn said...

You said it much better than me in my blunt way could, Walk-Man.

Now: Let's hear from some attorneys for the defense of intolerance.