Saturday, December 20, 2008

No to Princess Caroline

Enough dynasties, already.

Dave Cullen:

"The ideas are strong. Bloodlines, nobility . . . they go way back in the mythology and literature we were raised on, and which remain alive and well in our films. (How did we love it that Luke turned out to be Princess Leia's sister! Yes, the force runs strong in that family! They are greater because they are related.)

"No. It is total bullshit. It is the same fantasy that deludes us that because Caroline is the last of this holy line, or because she was a cute little kid during Camelot, she will grip the mighty Excalibur and reign triumphant over a grateful people.

"This is the kind of shit we internalize. It's no accident that they called the JFK tenure Camelot. We eat that shit up. Humans love mythology. We seem wired with it, and toward monarchy, oligarchy and Noble Houses."

(via Instapundit)


karmasurfer said...

Since when has the Kennedy's been a dynasty? When JFK was in office it was Camelot because it made everyone feel good about themselves and their country, just as in the day of King Arthur. That all ended when George HW Bush arranged JFKs hit and plunged us all into a soulless hell run by the Bush dynasty.

If we can have as president the offspring of the man who killed JFK, why can't we have JFKs offspring in the senate?

We've seen what the Bush dynasty can do. Can a Kennedy do worse?

Can anyone?

Eowyn said...

"Since when has the Kennedy's been a dynasty?"

Um ... Caroline?

Isn't America all about fresh blood? New ideas? Departure from old dynastic tyranny?

Just askin'.