Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Obama backpedals on Iraq withdrawal'

... and we're surprised -- why?

"After lefties have had a moment to absorb the Rick Warren news they can turn to the latest plot twist in the 'Will he, won't he' drama of Obama's troop withdrawals. . . . Consider this - on issues such as FISA surveillance or the Bush tax cuts for the rich Obama has already back-pedaled. He is likely further to outrage a contingent of his supporters by declining to declare defeat in Iraq, blame Bush, and leave. There even seems to be a movement towards creating a bit of wiggle room on enhanced interrogation."

Ah, yes. Our committed citizens on the left -- who throw tantrums when Poppa doesn't give them that video game for Christmas. ("But you PROMISED.") Well, video games don't grow on trees; and sometimes, they take a while to order.

Poppa's gotta be rough, now -- so he can be sweet to you another day. It's called "common sense" -- but to you, little ones, who don't understand such a concept, it means you're going to spend a LONG time in the time-out corner.

(I hope, anyway.)

(via Instapundit)

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