Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quebec -- DEHORS

(that is, Quebec OUT. Of Canada, that is.)

(Which is what Quebecois have said they want all along. But haven't really meant it, faced with the reality of what it actually means, running your own country, with your own currency, making sure infrastructure is in place, etc. All anyone has seen is a lot of noise about "independence.")

Okay. So, you want your own country. So, you say that you cannot co-exist with existing Canadians in order to make that happen, to your exact specifications, with your own language, yadda-yadda.

Blazing Cat Fur lays the gauntlet down.

I'm a Yank, admittedly -- but I've followed this whole "independence" thing for a long time. What I'm seeing is: "We want to do things our own way, in our own language, and SOMEHOW the existing governmental mechanisms must accommodate this."

As a Yank, I can only answer thusly:

If you're a country, you follow an agreed-upon template. You might not like it -- and that's a drawback of democracy -- but if the majority agrees, YOU have to agree.

Period. End of story.

None of this, "Oh, we're SPECIAL, somehow" (because we're French?)

Yo, Quebec:

Either seriously divorce yourselves from Canada, or walk the walk.

Note: You should be aware that the majority of Americans see you as posing, arrogant, cheese-eating surrender monkeys. Sorry. You've done nothing to erase this perception.

Start playing ball properly, my friends.

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