Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'Love one another'

Charles Henry at Covenant Zone:

"Pressing my nose against the window and seeing the first snowfall this weekend, this older child now with white in his hair as well as his front yard looked into his past to see his future, and hopes that by this post he will commit to keep working on that act of faith required to rejoice in time for Christmas."

My friend ... my very dear friend ...

It is when we are least able to find faith, that faith stays with us.


Charles Henry said...

Thanks Eowyn, you are so right.

Going to church has been quite the emotional experience this past month. I begin to see the pews more like the emergency room at a hospital, but filled with people of broken faith rather than broken bones, seeking to be healed.

Eowyn said...

We doubt ourselves, but our loving Creator has our back -- always and forever.