Sunday, December 28, 2008


I thought I knew my brother-in-law.

Holidays bring previously un-brought-together relatives together, and this Christmas was no exception. A chance remark from my otherwise staid, ordinary, nose-to-the-grindstone, stand-up brother-in-law made me realize he's a secret poet.

What a wonderful discovery :)

Here's his stuff:

Gray Rainy Day
What Am I Thinking

What do I think
I don't want to
I don't want to think
I'd rather do

What am I thinking
I really can't say
For some reason or other
It's running away

It hides inside
And won't come out
It hides inside
And rattles about
I don't know why
It won't come out


Leon said...

That was weird: to visit your web site and this is the first thing I see. You've got some interesting stuff, I'll be back.

Eowyn said...

You've stolen a march on Ezra Pound et al., I think, :)

I'm proud to tout my brother-in-law, whose "secret side" is such a neat discovery :)