Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Shot in Shamokin!

... Quite possibly, the best headline ever :)

(From a real news story at a small-town paper I worked at back in 2004)

I remember the outrage. Our children will be scarred for life! How dare you!

Mind you, it was a daring effort on our part. I mean, it was newsworthy, for sure. Santa getting SHOT?

But you have to ask yourself -- why is it newsworthy? What IS it about the Santa myth thing that so captures our imaginations, and, therefore, our attention? (Knowing full well that Santa is NOT real ...?)

Isn't it about time we deconstructed what is WRONG about Santa Claus -- that is, Someone Who Magically Brings Us Stuff We Don't Really Need -- versus a Santa Claus who brings us something good we have hoped and worked for?

Just askin'.

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