Friday, December 5, 2008

Black is white, in Tracee-land

Andrew Bolt of Australia's Herald Sun keeps close tabs on one Tracee Hutchinson, columnist for The Age. Sadly, The Age is mainstream Australian must-read.

My girl "Tracee" is, to say the least, a bit ... uh ... well ...

Take this well informed commentary on the global economic crisis: (which I shall gratuitously Fisk)

"ISN'T it ironic that when the Government wants us to spend more money to keep the economy from stalling completely, somehow — miraculously — petrol prices come down? It will tell you it has no control over petrol prices, but to me they always seem to be a litmus of the times, working in mysterious ways like a teller of our fortunes."

Yes. Well, there is the small matter of multiple influences on how oil is priced, but hey, what do experts know? I can safely assure you it's not based on the lines on your palm.

"When it's important to keep the people convinced that fighting in Iraq is a legitimate cause lest the price of oil escalate out of control, local petrol prices hurtle ever-skyward like some kind of reminder of the conflict every time we fill up."

Uh ... just WHEN, exactly, did anyone say that continuing to support democratic government in Iraq is all about keeping oil prices down?

If you have the stomach for it, read er, Tracee's, whole irrational diatribe.

While I'm at it:

//totally freely admitted snark alert

Anyone named "Tracee" ought seriously to consider going with her middle name -- "Marie," perhaps -- instead of some pop-inspired, credibility reducing moniker guaranteed to turn off a sizeable portion of readership from the get-go.

Just sayin'.

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