Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Uncle Sugar-Daddy's wallet is shrinking

Indiepundit probes the lengths to which the United States should intervene, militarily or otherwise, in trouble spots (like the Congo) around the world:

"Should Europe (and by extension America) simply wash its hands of the post-colonial fall-out it largely helped create? Does meddling only make matters worse?

"I don't know if either school of thought has the right answer--indeed, I believe that each situation as it arises needs to be taken into account. Darfur is not the same crisis as the Congo. Each must be judged on its own set of circumstances.

"Or does the credo "mind your own damn business" deserve more merit on the international stage?"


Me, I've never been comfortable with the U.S.'s role as World Policeman, even though I've recognized the necessity for SOME entity to ensure individual rights and safety.

Our resources today, however, are stretched extremely thin. Not only that, but we, ourselves, are still struggling to establish what's right and keeping it as consensus. Like all humans, we battle corruption every day, while still, as a nation, trying to keep on track with doing the right thing.

At some point, other nations have to "get it" in terms of moving forward by these same principles -- and stop relying on Uncle Sugar to hold their hands.

No single nation can do it alone. This is a global challenge, people. So step up to the plate. Please.

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