Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The world is going to hell, haha!

So, sue me, but I'm finding the current financial crisis interesting, more than scary.

Sure, the house of cards is collapsing, even as I type this. But, well, I knew it was going to happen -- as did Karmasurfer --

But, like everyone else trying to make sense of "credit default swap" and all the other heretofore incomprehensible, and shadowy, mechanisms of finance, I'd like to know JUST WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING.

We've been saving food, water and other necessaries for at least a year. We're good, should the balloon truly go up. But we don't want to give up on the status quo just yet -- we want to surf, and, God willing, not wipe out.

In that spirit, check out this super explanation of just what the threat might entail from The New Republic, under the COMPLETELY AWESOME HEADLINE* of "Debt Man Walking."

*other awesome headlines of yore: The Russian president objecting to invading Iraq: "Putin on the Fritz" -- and, on an art theft from the Louvre, "Take the Monet and Run."

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