Saturday, November 22, 2008

Anger management made simple

The one and only Colonel Robert Neville:

"I've found when the mind and soul is overloaded, if I express loudly what I know, casually, forcefully, effectively and with a laugh, to anyone, everywhere and anytime, I feel much better...

"Martial arts say, or flattening car wrecks with a bulldozer or biting into a baseball bat.

"There's also embroidery and reading about flowers."


Colonel Neville said...

Dear Eowyn:

Hey, digging the new graphic! Now that's a Shooting Star.

Tsk. That Colonel..he's such a wag!

Now what are the odds in this big old blogosphere of BOTH of us getting nominated for the IBA awards? A hoot, eh? So nice to be even considered.

And along with such grand company as Steyn, Shaidle and Schlussel etc? The 3 s's!

Say Steyn, Shaidle and Schlussel repeatedly and ain't easy.

All the best Eowyn, you bright light in the sky. Ah, Radar Love...

All the best from Neville.

Eowyn said...

My very dear Colonel,

"Tsk. That Colonel..he's such a wag!"

He is not "a wag." He is not even "THE wag." He is the Wag Deity, master of the Wag Universe, lord of all the absurdity he surveys.

Just so's yer straight on that ;)

Yeah, that was mighty cool, VERY cool, to be so recognized. We don't even think about how we're seen, most times, on the 'Net, and it is lovely to know we ARE seen. Perhaps a human thing -- and nothing wrong with that :)

I think we can assign the credit directly at Blazing Cat Fur's door, as s/he has both of us on his/her blogroll, and likes us as we like him/her (I truly DON'T know which gender s/he is!).

Still, it's nice to know I can touch a finger, Michelango-wise, to my very dear friend across the water :)

Eowyn said...

Nostalgia, big time, tonight, for the way we were.

Ockham's Razor.

(Nevermind if reference is too obscure.)