Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All that glitters is NOT gold

... And all you who look to America to solve your Oedipal, or whatever, problems, you will NOT find resolution.

(Why, oh, WHY, are WE suddenly the answer to why anyone wakes up pissed off today.)


As an American,I know our election is important.

Furthermore, I know why any thinking person, folllowing these curls, care.

I cannot give you gurantees. What I CAN give you is why I, as an American, can guarantee that you, as an observer, can count on what I have to say, as an American, that will guarantee what you hope for (or whomever), as a basis of where America will go tomorrow.

Your best hope?

Depends on what you want, my friend. Do you need a guarantee the Al-Qaida won't kill your cousin in Afghanistan tomorrow? I caan't give you that. But I can guarantee you that if someone is threatening him there right now, he will have advance warning.


Anonymous said...

no change with you then eh eowyn? still ranting, still projecting, still thinking that 'you' are 'we'. so glad the majority in pa have more sense than you, more compassion, less adolescent emotional nonsense. splishsplash

Eowyn said...