Monday, November 24, 2008

Censorship on the ropes -- hurray! (BUT ...)

... we can't relax just yet.

Blazing Cat Fur reports on the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission report by Professor Richard Moon, of the University of Windsor, recommending that Section 13(1) of the CHRC charter be REPEALED.

Yes. OH, yes. Most DECIDEDLY ...... YES.

This is the section of the "law" that has allowed the CHRC to bankrupt and publicly humiliate ordinary, innocent citizens, and which has allowed it to attempt to mandate what anyone can say about anyone else -- completely OUTSIDE any kind of enforceable libel laws. In other words, censorship.

The recommendation by Dr. Moon is decidedly a HUGE boost in the right direction. But the possibility exists that the CHRC will simply weasel away from it, using language that will ensure they will "pay attention" to the recommendation without actually acting on it.

BCF posted a link to submit your comments directly to the CHRC relating to this issue.

Please!!!!! add your voice. Keep the pressure ON. Tell this outfit you will NOT put up with ANY infringement on free speech not accounted for by LAW. It doesn't matter what country you come from. Let's give our Canadian brothers and sisters every ounce of support we can.

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