Monday, November 24, 2008

TV networks next on the bailout list?

"It's D-Day for the broadcast networks.

"They've been living on borrowed time for the better part of two decades, thanks to advertisers willing to toss in more cash each year even as ratings slowly trended ever lower.

"But with the economy in a tailspin -- and the Big Three auto manufacturers, some of TV's best advertisers, near ruin -- the biz may finally have to pull the emergency cord.

"'This day was going to come,' says one conglom bigwig. 'I don't think the business can be sustained without real change at this juncture. ... We have a gun to all of our heads.'"

Do tell. My, my.

Now, it's because of you network idiots I don't have TV at all -- haven't had for five years now, and I don't miss it. But if you were to start broadcasting REAL NEWS for a change, and INTELLIGENT SHOWS, I might return.

But from the sounds of that Variety article, you're offering me infomercials. Feh.

I won't cry if you go go down.

(via Instapundit, who sez "Let 'em fail")

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