Friday, November 7, 2008

Half full, or half empty

Tonight, in recognition of Barack Obama's historic win of the presidency, I'd like to celebrate three people: William of Ockham, the Buddha, and Joe the Plumber.

What do these three have in common, and what do they have to do with President-Elect Obama? I'll get to that.

William of Ockham is famous for his dictum that simplest is best. The Buddha is famous for his recognition that life is what we perceive it to be. Joe the Plumber is famous for his concern that tax hikes might make the pursuit of his dream impossible.

At the heart of all three is the idea that life is all about possibilities. It can be described thusly: A hope for better things -- an expectation that it is possible -- a clear path to accomplish it - and the will to make it happen. QED.

Leftist ideology is all about how bad life is. Conservative ideology is all about the foregoing. Which mindset truly sets the stage for "change?"

Leftists are all about self-flagellation. Oh, we've been so BAD, throughout history. Anything GOOD comes about after we admit how BAD we've been.

Pardon me. Only this will truly suffice: Fuck that. Set yourself up for failure, using past failure as a model, and only failure will result.

We'll see how the leftist mindset will channel -- or roadblock (thinks me) -- future advancement. Obama and the Democrats are at the helm.

Can they convince us that it's WORTH moving forward at all, in life? We'll see.

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Colonel Neville said...

Dear Eowyn, yep it's Bette Davis "Fasten your seatbelts. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!" Or is that The Two Faces Of Eve? Or Dark Victory! Now Voyager? Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?!

One bit of er, "Hope" is that as has happened before, the MOST unlikely boob rises to the occasion. Hmmmmm...Good luck with that.

Sadly, Obama will need an elevator to rise above HIS background...

Also if people are inspired, maybe? But what are they actually inspired about? And are they the productive balanced members of society?

It is to laugh or weep.

Check out the gif I have up. It's a giggle. I grabbed it a long time ago from GM Roper. I've been waiting for the right moment to use it...

Dig these too.

Colonel Neville.