Friday, November 7, 2008

One giant leap

So feminists -- at least one, anyway -- are finally getting it, about the whole Muslim head-scarf thing.

The Walk-Man sez: "This gives me the warm fuzzies.

"Yes it does, yes it does! Wonderful, beautiful. If veteran feminists didn't scare me, I might even be mildly attracted."

(Hahahahaha! It took me a few minutes to recover from hearty appreciative laughter to try and get back on tangent :)

It turns out that at least one prominent feminist -- Canadian Quebecoise Diane Guilbault -- takes her fellow feminists to task in a new book, "Démocratie et égalité des sexes," for willfully turning a blind eye to the oppression of women that headscarves ultimately represent.

Here's the lede in an article in The Montreal Gazette Walker cites:

"In an unusual act of non-solidarity, a veteran Quebec feminist has publicly attacked her peers on the political left who, she says, undermine women's rights by supporting religious accommodations like the Muslim headscarf."

(Why it should be "an unusual act of non-solidarity" is, perhaps, a topic for another discussion.)

Hip, hip, hooray! Now, girls -- can we please ALL start seeing reason, now?


Walker Morrow said...

Thanks for the link! I hope there are a few more -legitimate- feminists who will rally behind this woman.

I think that the feminist movement's failure to recognise the headscarf and Sharia Law as anti-woman is a sign of how woefully behind the times the whole movement has become. It's still stuck in the sixties and seventies, when the things that they harp on about were actually issues to be dealt with. But they won't move on to the issues that face us today.

I wonder if it's simply because they haven't realised that a change is needed, or if it's because they are too afraid to step out and face something new?

Eowyn said...

Oh, they know a change is needed. What they're conflicted by is the leftist mandate that Muslims must be treated with kid gloves as part of that whole "let's not insult any group" (except Christians, of course) lest we "offend" them.

Chickens coming home to roost!