Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jackie O(bama)?

(image credit: Col. Robert Neville)

Col. Robert Neville finds depressing parallels between Jackie O chic and the upcoming First Lady, noting, in his own inimitable fashion, the usual rock-and-hard-place conclusion:

"Thinks: 'It's hard enough keeping up this ridiculous bob! So there's no way I'm marrying a fat Greek shipping magnate!' Spot the difference. That’s right. Jackie O said almost nothing of interest that anyone remembers. Michelle Obama says plenty of crap that's hard to forget. You be the judge of which is the more enjoyable experience."

The Colonel pursues further tangents. But I was struck by the comparison.

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Now, in fairness, Mrs. Obama has generally dressed quite tastefully, in my opinion, a few outfits notwithstanding. (My mom, whose taste has always been impeccable -- my own lamentable fashion sense notwithstanding -- sniffed at this ensemble, calling it "Harlem 'chic'-anery off the rack:")

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Okay, so Michelle Obama's no Jackie. Very few will ever have the former First Lady's classic fashion intuition. But Jackie was a lady in more ways than simply dressing well. She knew that diplomacy was as much a mark of a lady -- or, for that matter, a gentleman -- than anything.

Many find the forthcoming First Lady's candor refreshing. Many others find it crass, insensitive and self-serving.

Clothing, diplomacy and everything else aside -- am I the only one who's noticed a distinct resemblance between Michelle Obama and stellar actress Sigourney Weaver?

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Not sure Ms. Weaver -- an all-time favorite of mine -- would appreciate the comparison. But, well ...

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