Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Same Big Brother, different clothes

The honeymoon's over, folks. The euphoria over Richard Moon, of the University of Windsor -- the "independent" analyst of Section 13(1) of the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission charter that deals with hate speech -- sure didn't last long. Sure, he recommended the section be repealed.

But in its place, he advocates both the mainstream press and Internet service providers become de facto Ministry of Truth divisions.


(via The Blog Of Walker)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

I think the Richard Moon report is just another nail in the CHRC coffin, but over-all, the CHRC/provincial HRCs are just one battle. What I would personally like to see is the removal of the HRCs, but after that, it will become a battle over what speech should be illegalized under criminal legislation. I think that, unfortunately, that has been the debate which has been entwined within whether the HRCs should be in existence.

I think the HRCs go first, as they are superfluous, and they are censorious, and they are corrupt, but after that, I think the debate of whether or not censorship is allowable is going to really come up - that is, if the same players are willing to stay in the game.

Ah well. It'll be fun, anyway...

Eowyn said...

You know, Walk-Man -- the phrase I'm left with, thinking about all this, is "The Tyranny of Nice." Note to self: Buy the book :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I need to buy that book too.

And doesn't Ezra's new book come out soon too?

Eowyn said...

Jeeze, I don't know. I count on you, Blazing Cat Fur, Covenant Zone and others to keep me informed of that stuff, as I really don't have much time to read and surf as I used to, alas.

But if Ezra publishes a book, for sure I'll buy it.