Friday, February 6, 2009

You know DAAT's right

It's time to speak out. It's time to show up. Tell the world violence against Jews (or anyone) is wrongly conceived, irrational, unjust, and just plain evil.

Via Covenant Zone -- a March is being planned to protest this insanity for April 19 of this year, coordinated by the DAAT organization.

The kind of anti-Semitism Hitler institutionalized has been all-too-quickly air-brushed by groups and individuals with certain agendas. They count on people forgetting the absolute inconceivable horror that was the Holocaust. Worse, they're massaging history and justifying their behavior, in small, scarcely noticeable increments -- a press release here, a misrepresentation of a news story there, and a "human rights" lawsuit somewhere else -- that perhaps, the Holocaust:

A) Wasn't that bad
B) Was completely made up
C) Is an "excuse" for Jews to attack Muslims

STOP this cockroach-style, sneak attack on history and reason. Now. Show up at the March. If you can't, communicate your views to your provincial, state or federal representatives on that day that you see what's happening under the radar, and that you're not buying it.

Disclaimer: I am not Jewish. Simply an admirer of an incredible culture, whose long traditions have made it possible for me to live life well, and the way I want to.

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