Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I wanna stay in the jungle


Charles Henry said...

Ahh... the Jungle Book... boy, Eowyn, between this and the Tom and Jerrys, you sure display good taste in your choice of cartoons..!

I've long suspected that Jungle Book is the only Disney cartoon to date that contains profanity.

No, no, hear me out, here's my case: I think it takes place when(voice actor) Phil Harris is ad-libbing a scene where Mowgli scratches Baloo, when they first meet.

Mowgli starts and stops too soon for Baloo, who begins bobbing up and down from his unsatisfied itch, and says: "S**t, this calls for some heavy scratching.."

Or maybe my adult ears deceive me..

Eowyn said...

They do not, *grin* -- I heard that too, just never made the observation that you did, about profanity Disney-wide. Certainly, some editor slipped somewhere!

That particular Disney movie is one of the best, not least because of the music -- and Louis Prima as King Louis is a gem. I always get a lift out of playing that number :)