Monday, February 16, 2009

Bad science on parade

The idea is to rid oneself of unpleasant sensations. The upshot, taken to the level of policy, is, perhaps, more sinister. That is: Such a drug may be possible in one particular application, but even more effective in, say, ridding the population of unpleasant associations with ANYTHING.

Drugs -- that is, "drugs" -- have moved far, far beyond the '70s perception of mind-altering substances, which was a benign pursuit, with no real social consequences. Drugs, in those halcyon days, were recreational. (Which should, unless I am mistaken about freedom, remain a choice.

Nowadays, drugs have moved into the next dimension. We now have a clear understanding of how exactly to tweak this, that or the other neurotransmitter to achieve the optimum result. Your kid is too exuberant in class? Ritalin.

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