Monday, February 2, 2009

Today's Yahoo! news headlines:

"Daschle fights to salvage nomination with apology for tax error" -- It's not going to be a "fight." Dems with questionable tax issues get many more free passes than Republican same.

"Watchdogs: Waste, fraud in Iraq being repeated in Afghanistan" -- The long history of governments in the Middle East have been all about greasing palms. This comes as a surprise ... how?

"Man throws shoe at China's prime minister during speech" -- ROFL!!! (It's a Yahoo! video, so you're going to have to search)

"New amphibian species discovered in Colombia" -- cool! :)

(image credit: Reuters)


"'Half-price' models feel economy's pinch"

*yawn* ... Are these sullen, anorexic caricatures of feminine pulchritude really exemplary of wish fulfillment? If so, kill yerselves right now, guys. We Real Women are heading way Elsewhere.

And so it goes ...


Dag said...

Dinner's on me if you come round to Vancouver. And bring your appetite!

Eowyn said...

Dag, it's a date! (When, I don't know, alas -- but I'll keep you posted :) Just wish I could be a fly on the wall at your atrium gatherings, too *sigh*

Dag said...

Always welcome.

Meanwhiles, it looks like we might all be a'protesing on 19 April. We'll keep you up-dated.

Nothing like a march around to work up an appetite.