Friday, February 13, 2009

Eco-murder in Australia

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That's right, murder -- of as many as 200 people in the wildfires. Arsonists and carelessly thrown matches may have been the direct cause; but environmentalist nutjobs are indirectly responsible.

Via Andrew Bolt:

"Forest Fire Victoria — a group of forestry experts and scientists, including outspoken academic David Packham — claims the Government has sidelined crucial recommendations from its own parliamentary environment and natural resources committee to curry favour with environmentalists.

"The dispute flared when (Environment Minister Gavin) Jennings said this week Victoria had carried out 400,000 hectares of fuel-reduction burning over three years…

"Mr Packham yesterday accused the minister of deception.... Fuel-reduction burning of 400,000 hectares in three years represented only 1 per cent of Victoria’s bushland a year — when 10 per cent was needed to safeguard the state properly and the Government’s own committee had urged an annual minimum of 5 per cent fuel-reduction burning. ..."

And this (note the terrible irony):

"Nillumbik Shire, one of the areas that suffered the worst casualties in these fires, last year explained why it wasn’t keen on burning off the fuel piling up so lethally in its forests:

'Council believes there should be consideration of greenhouse gas pollution produced from undertaking such burns and the possible contributions to climate change. There may be alternative methods for reducing fire risk to assets such as sensitive slashing or fine fuel removal in firebreak areas.

"Months later:

'VICTORIA’S bushfires have released a massive amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere - almost equal to Australia’s industrial emission for an entire year."


All right. Now, the native Americans knew that it was essential for periodic fires to level forests for the very reason that allowing tinder to accumulate leads to just such a situation as has happened in Australia. AUSTRALIANS have known this for many long years.

But the limp-wristed, oh-the-poor-trees-and-birdies crowd has prevented this from taking place in recent decades, and the result? Murder. Yes, MURDER.

And to top it off, the ~carbon emissions~ from this wildfire are enormous. So, so much for that.

I'm filled with rage, both hot and quiet. One minute I want to break everything in sight, including these worms' heads. In another, I want to actively seek out each and every council member, policy wonk, aide or flunky who directly or indirectly created this situation, and cause great unhappiness in one way or another. Revenge is a dish best served cold, as the saying goes.

But, unlike them, I care about my fellow humans, even the worms. So, my anger has nowhere to go but this page.

All I can say is, mea culpa, you bastards. Have a nice day.


Yau-ming's blog!! said...

In the old days they used to tar and feather such troublemakers.

Eowyn said...

In the old days, murder was punishable by hanging. (By the neck. Until dead.)

But I'd settle for tarring and feathering.