Wednesday, February 11, 2009

At least Winston Smith'll have a job

Via The Blog of Walker:

"TORONTO — The Ontario Human Rights Commission is calling for Parliament to force all Canadian magazines, newspapers and 'media services' websites to join a national press council with the power to adjudicate breaches of professional standards and complaints of discrimination." (emphasis mine)

Oh, nice. Just peachy.

"Barbara Hall, OHRC chief commissioner, said in an interview that the rise of the Internet has strengthened the case for a national media watchdog. In her vision, a national press council would be 'a vehicle for full discussion about what’s written in the media' that is less strict and more accessible than the courts."


'A vehicle for full discussion,' eh? Based on the past performances of these Inhuman Rights outfits, you can read that as 'a vehicle for soaking you for lots of money, trying to force you to recant your beliefs and opinions in public, and, in short, controlling you in the finest Big Brother tradition.'

Two observations.

To my ... er ... (former) brethren in the journalistic ranks: Don't you have a SMALL PROBLEM with someone telling you what to say?

(*tap-tap-tap* Is there anybody IN there? Or did you get testicular surgery?)

Number 2: These "human rights" outfits are employing stealth tactics like this "press council" gag every DAY to try and end-run around REAL rights, like freedom of speech.

Wake up. Please. They're cockroaches. They do NOT represent Canadians. Buy your Combat Roach Termination plastic thingies today. That is, decide not to buy that particular insanity. And more importantly, LET YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES KNOW that you do NOT want this sneak attack on free speech to go unchallenged.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

I wonder if anybody takes Barbara Hall seriously anymore? I mean really, what's she going to say next? She's aleady identified housing as a human right, her commission has ruled in favor of a medical marijuana user who was booted out of a cafe for toking up on the premises, and Mark Steyn and co. have effectively shredded the Ontario HRC's reasoning process vis a vis human rights.

One would think that Barbara Hall could keep her mouth shut purely for the interests of self-preservation...

Eowyn said...

Babs knows no matter how much she shoots off her mouth, someone will listen.

*snort of disgust*

Those who listen are the target of my, albeit, perhaps, not-possessed-with-much-actual-firepower disgust, but still.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear :)