Sunday, February 22, 2009

Muslim babe of the day ... with a twist ...

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... Of the conojes, that is.

Okay, gloves off.

I SEE you guys, from Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, India, and who knows which European country. Right on my Google Analytics screen. I KNOW you're checking out my Muslim Babe of the Day (or week, or whatever).

So. Let's take a little reality check, shall we? And let's make you take a dose of medicine you badly need.

Reality Fact No. 1: You like to look at beautiful women.

So why do you behead them in Buffalo?

Reality Fact No. 2: See Reality Fact No. 1.


Hey. GUYS.

You are balls and chains on humanity. I don't like it. A whole LOT of people -- who use their BRAINS, unlike you, don't like it.

So stop with the stupidity. Start appreciating the other half of the human equation, and stop stomping on her because she doesn't fit your stupid brain mold.

Just to show you idiots I'm not afraid of you, send me your e-mail address. I'll give you personal details of where I live, and how to find me.

But just so's you know, I've got a couple of security guards in my corner. Their names are Mossberg, Colt, Glock and Winchester. Also a Chinese employee, whose moniker is SKS.

Bringiton. Thatisall. I look forward to meeting you. And then destroying you.

(Ed.: I sense a modicum of anger here. Ya think?)


KT said...

Don't hold anything back, Mary!!! That was a GREAT post!!!

Eowyn said...

Thanks kid :)

I'm doing my best to goad these sons of intolerance into a reaction, but so far, no joy.

Guess I'll have to get even more radical, somehow ...

KT said...

Great reading!!!!!