Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So WHAT if the man tokes a doob?!

I'm totally sick of the cultural hypocrisy against smoking pot. Now, swimmer Michael Phelps, who wowed everyone around the world with his amazing grace, has been made to wear the hair shirt.

It's a substance that alters neuronic patterns in the brain. Like caffeine. Like alcohol. Welders depend on it to counter the debilitating effects of "welder's flash" on their eyes. Chemotherapy patients depend on it to offset having to hurl your lunch every three seconds. Ordinary people just like it.

I've smoked it a time or two, but it puts me to sleep, so I don't indulge in that particular substance. BUT IT'S NO BIG DEAL. And it should NOT BE A BIG DEAL.

Big Bro has convinced us that partaking of THIS vice is okay, but THAT one is not.

BULL. On many levels.

So WHAT if people like to alter their own brain chemistry once in a while?

What if ALTERING YOUR BRAIN CHEMISTRY ONCE IN A WHILE is ..... wait for it ..... enjoyable?

Who SAYS that is wrong?

Just askin'.

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