Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teacher, leave them kids alone

We all complain about education in this country.

Want to know why it's so bad?

But before you do find out -- you need to know it's worse than bad. It's evil.

Watch this series, all the way through.


Colonel Neville said...

Dear Eowyn: Hell yeah. It's getting just like this in my neck of the woods. From smiley faced fascism a la Marx to the er, less smiley.

Here's two other glimpses into the abyss on the same subject that you'll dig. Without organised opposition and power, they WILL WIN. All the best kid.

PS. Read Obamaland, Green Hell, Liberty and Tyranny or Dead Aid yet? Colonel Neville.
Indoctrinate Pt 1 of 10.
Left lonny's in the UK.

A fairly old? vid but a classic. Things are merely much, much worse now. The Marxist psychopaths of the left want total control of your children...and why not? Via 60 Minutes! in Britain.

Dig the “non-racist mathematics.” No really.

Non-PC drone Principal Brian Doughan is now in Australia for the thought crime of awarding scholarships for excellence, and thus was charged with “elitism.”

The ex-Labour Helen Cox is on the vid too. Dig the black principal who says the US has a bomb to kill only black people. Riiight.

He also doesn’t allow Police into the school. Later he says to Police he has to “kill” to get justice.

A black woman demands yams at school for her “African son” so he doesn’t have to eat “so called” British food. A PC nightmare, mate.

This is known as the multicultural endgame of cultural, social and security suicide. Mark Steyn on girlontheright. The new anti-Semitism. BBC booktalk.

Colonel Neville said...

Dear Eowyn: Wait! There's more! Have a few beers and then watch this laughable low fi agitprop insanity for kids... It is to laugh.